Employment For Seniors, Inc.

Services Offered

For nearly 40 years, Employment for Seniors (EFS) has provided support, assistance, and referral services to senior job seekers age 50 years and older. Services include a registration and counseling process between a client and a volunteer career counselor in the EFS office.

Process Details

The initial interview is a scheduled appointment that provides the client with information on services and programs, review of current job postings, and the follow up process. The counselor will review the client’s resume and career materials, providing resources as necessary. They will also discuss those jobs currently posted on the EFS Job Match System, and give application and referral information as appropriate. Employment for Seniors regularly reaches out to the employer community to bring awareness of the talent available in our mature job seekers, as well as to secure additional position postings for our Job Match database.

In addition, EFS regularly sponsors workshops for senior job seekers to gain additional training in development of their resumes, cover letters, how to develop their own business, networking, etc. Yearly, we hold the Annual Senior Job Fair, a one-day educational and placement event which brings employers and applicants together.

Volunteer Opportunities

Employment for Seniors, Inc. is a nonprofit organization and we welcome interested individuals to our volunteer opportunities, working as career counselors, office support, event planning, and much more! Volunteers are asked to commit to one morning per week (four hours between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm).

For additional information, contact the office at (614) 863-1219 or via email.