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Whitehall Block Watch
The Whitehall Block Watch was formed in 2009, with the help of the Whitehall Police Department, because a group of neighbors wanted to make a difference. Law enforcement is not able to be on every corner at all times, but neighbors can be on the lookout during their daily routine. Residents are familiar with the problem areas in their neighborhood and are easily able to identify unusual activity or individuals. Additionally, a neighborhood block watch is a perfect way to meet new friends.

A neighborhood block watch group is also beneficial in times of disaster or crisis. Neighborhood block watch groups can assist in implementing emergency plans, provide community support, and account for the individuals with special needs in their homes, including seniors.

The Whitehall Block Watch has been successful because it extends beyond the homes of individual members; they look out for all their neighbors.

Events & Activities
By coming together, the members of the Whitehall Block Watch have performed litter clean ups, held community garage sales, and assisted neighbors in need. Every August, the Whitehall Block Watch has a block party and throughout the year has potluck dinners.

  • 7:00 pm
  • Third Monday of the month
  • Whitehall Community Park
    402 N. Hamilton Road
    Whitehall, OH 43213

Join Today
Now is a great time to join! For more information about joining The Whitehall Block Watch, contact Karen Conison or visit them on Facebook at “Whitehall Block Watch.”