Board of Zoning and Building Appeals


The Board of Zoning and Building Appeals (BZBA) is charged with hearing and deciding appeals for exceptions to and variances in the City's Planning and Zoning Code and Building Code. Specifically, BZBA addresses cases concerning: 

  • Lot Splits: Under 1 acre in size. 
  • Variances: A variance, if approved by the board, authorizes the applicant to an exception to the strict application of the Zoning Code, Building Code, or other City codes. 
  • Administrative Appeals: Appeals to the board may be made by any person who feels they were aggrieved by any officer of the City by virtue of any decision of the administrative officer charged with the enforcement of the Zoning Code, Building Code, and other regulations of the City. 
  • Similar Use: Specified uses for certain types of business are set forth in our zoning districts. It is further provided, by the Zoning Code, that any other use not specifically named may be permitted if the board determines that such use is of the same general character as a specified or specially permitted use.
  • Applications are available in the Service Department of City Hall. View Building Permits online here.
  • Learn more about the BZBA's powers and duties from the City Code here.



BZBA has five members who are appointed by the Mayor for four year terms. Current members are:

  • Aubrey Bailey
  • Bob Weatherby
  • Mike Arrends
  • Judith Spater
  • Michael DeWitt