City Auditor


The City Auditor is personally responsible to the citizens of Whitehall to ensure public resources are protected, accurately accounted for, and effectively employed to raise the quality of life in Whitehall. The Office of Auditor does this by following exact internal accounting control procedures and City policies regarding the disbursement of funds.

The City Auditor does not vote on matters presented to City Council. The separation of powers among the City Auditor, the City Council, and the administration were established in the charter to enable the City Auditor to function independently from the other branches of City government.

The City Auditor also serves as the chief financial officer of the City of Whitehall. As chief financial officer, the Auditor performs the functions of a controller, cash manager, budget director, tax commissioner, and internal auditor. In the performance of these functions, the Auditor is responsible for the:

  • Collection of all revenue
  • Timely payment of bills
  • Assuring that expenditures are appropriated and authorized
  • Payroll oversight
  • Planning for the future finances of the City