Current & Past Financial Reports 

Fiscal Activity in 2017

Income Tax Division

The Auditor’s Office collected $25,263,585. Income tax collection was 86.57% of the general fund revenue. Whitehall taxes are due April 17. View electronic versions of income tax forms and code.

Payroll & Budgeting

Payroll and Budgeting tasks are performed efficiently despite workload increases. Managing a $29 million budget is essential to provide analytic support to City departments and the City Council. The Auditor’s Office is the office-of-record for employee data (payroll records; withholdings and deductions; vacation, sick, injury, funeral, and personal leaves; overtime; and compensatory time).

Asset Management & Accountability

The 2016 books have been audited by the State of Ohio Office of Auditor and were found to be in compliance with all state regulations and local governance according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The 2016 Annual Financial Statement is available to the public. The City received an Auditor of State Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting and a Government Finance Officers Association Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for Fiscal Year 2016.

Economic growth led to financial stability for the City in 2017. The addition of The Wasserstrom Company at the end of 2017 and Heartland Bank in early 2018 will continue that growth. The City is constantly looking for ways in which to cut costs for and improve service to the citizens of Whitehall.

2017 Financial Year in Review

Major Sources of Expense

Type of Expense Dollar Amount
Wages and Salaries $13,633,664
Pension Contributions   $3,055,343
Self-Funded Insurance $2,579,327
Capital Improvements $2,927,935
Utilities / Street Lighting $782,893
Debt Service $1,013,556
Building Maintenance $351,624

Major Sources of Revenue

 Type of Income  Dollar Amount
 Income Tax $25,263,585
 EMS Service
Local Government $682,637
Gas Tax / Street Repair $833,763
Real Estate Tax $307,777
Building Permits $256,885
Cable Fees $195,815