Income Tax Division

2022 Tax Year Due Date: April 18, 2023

The City Auditor's Office is open to the public, and ready to help with your local income tax questions. Community members may continue to file taxes, make payments and find current City of Whitehall tax forms here on the City website. 

Paper forms may be submitted via the drop-box outside the front doors to City Hall (360 S. Yearling Road).  Questions? Contact the Income Tax Division at (614) 237-9803.

Tax Filing Assistance

Looking for help with your local income tax filings for Whitehall? The City Auditor's Office is hosting in-person tax filing assistance Saturdays, April 8 and April 15 from 8 a.m.-Noon at City Hall for anyone interested.

About the Tax Division and Local Income Tax

The Income Tax Division, overseen by the City Auditor, is responsible for the processing and auditing of all tax returns and the billing for payroll (withholding), personal, and business taxes. Tax forms can be downloaded here on the City's website or picked up at City Hall. 

The City of Whitehall has mandatory tax filing for anyone that is 18 years of age or older and lived in or worked in the City during the year and earned income. The current tax rate is 2.5% of gross income.

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Income Tax Frequently Asked Questions

All Whitehall residents who are 18 years of age or older and who earned income in the prior year are required to file a local income tax return, which are due April 18, 2023. For anyone needing assistance with tax forms.

  • What is the current City income tax rate? 2.5% of gross income.

  • Do I have to file a tax form even if I did not earn income in Whitehall? Yes. While the City offers a 100% credit for income tax paid to other communities, all residents who are 18 years of age and older and who earned income in the prior year must file.

  • Who pays City income tax? Both residents and non-residents who work in Whitehall, as well as those Whitehall businesses who earned a profit in the prior year. In Whitehall, only about 17% of our residents work here, meaning that individual income tax is predominantly paid by non-residents.

  • Can I prepare my City of Whitehall income taxes online? Yes. Full-year residents may prepare tax forms online at www.whitehall-oh.usif they meet the following conditions:
    • Had only W-2 income and lived and worked within Whitehall corporate limits, or
    • Had only W-2 income and worked outside of the City. If this is your situation, you must send in a copy or copies of W-2s after filing electronically.
    • Note: Account numbers and website information is mailed to active account holders in January of each year. If you do not meet the above specifications, you can still use the fill-in tool to prepare your forms, which then must be mailed to the Income Tax Division at 360 S. Yearling Road.
  • Can I pay my taxes online? Yes. The City accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and electronic check.