City Attorney

Mission Statement
The City Attorney’s office is engaged in a variety of legal issues and activities on behalf of the City including: 

  • To provide legal counsel to the Mayor and City Council
  • To provide legal advice/services to all City Officers and departments
  • To prosecute all misdemeanor criminal/traffic cases in Mayor’s Court and Franklin County Municipal Court
  • To represent the City of Whitehall in all courts of justice

The City Attorney’s Office is, in most cases, the first line of defense and/or offense for all matters pertaining to the business of the City. The City Attorney is Chief Legal Counsel for the City. The challenge of the City Attorney’s Office is client management, but also remaining relevant in the lives of the Citizens. Persons who work in the City Attorney’s Office must have a passion for the practice of law and its relevance to keeping the City of Whitehall great. The City Attorney’s Office is a vital ingredient towards the advancement of the City of Whitehall, and can also be a training ground for the future of the City. The purpose of the City Attorney’s Office is to remain consistent, adequately pliable to varied needs of the City, educated, and be an encourager of the City to prevent any future setbacks that can stall progress. 

The City Prosecutor’s primary duties include: 

  • Prosecution of misdemeanor offenses in Mayor’s Court and Franklin County Municipal Court.
  • Filing lawsuits on behalf of the City.
  • City’s Counsel for Bureau of Worker’s Compensation Hearings.
  • Conduct programs for Adult Traffic Diversion and Adult Criminal Diversion