City Employment Opportunities

The City of Whitehall is an equal opportunity employer and is always interested in identifying highly qualified candidates to help better serve the community. The City accepts online applications through NEOGOV for all current job openings and when advertising for a civil service examination (see classified positions below). For other positions of interest not currently posted, you may subscribe for alerts about future job openings.

The City employs classified, unclassified, exempt, and non-exempt staff. For unclassified positions, Human Resources coordinates the hiring process with the respective department head. View the City's health plan coverage transparency site here:

For questions about technical assistance or password help, please call NEOGOV at 855-524-5627. The City of Whitehall does not accept paper applications. Those without computer or internet access are encouraged to visit a local library to complete their application.

Classified Positions

Classified positions such as firefighters/paramedics, police officers, full-time radio operators and some full-time clerical staff are filled from candidate lists formed through competitive civil service testing. For all classified positions, Human Resources works in partnership with the Civil Service Commission to fill these positions. View the City’s Civil Service Rules and Regulations here >>

Please reference the tabs below to learn about hiring standards and future testing dates for entrance dates for classified positions.  The City is currently accepting applications for lateral firefighters and police officers. For new firefighters and police officers, the testing and application period must be open in order to register for an exam, apply and send test scores. Subscribe to be alerted of future entrance dates here >>

Upcoming Tests and Hiring Standards

  1. Firefighter / Paramedic
  2. Police Officer
  3. Dispatcher/ Communications Operator
  4. Police Records Clerk


The City of Whitehall is now accepting applications for lateral transfers for firefighters/paramedics. Applicants must be certified as a State of Ohio Firefighter II and a State of Ohio Emergency Medical Technician.  Apply here >>

If you wish to be notified about future test dates for new firefighters, subscribe to be alerted when another entrance exam is posted.