Fire Division Vehicles

The Fire Division maintains a fleet of vehicles that provide transportation of personnel, equipment, and mechanical power to an incident scene. We have three categories of vehicles the division uses:
  • Frontline response
  • Reserve apparatus
  • Staff
The frontline vehicles are the ones that everyone sees going down the road to assist someone. We have an engine with four personnel, two medics with two paramedics (each vehicle) on board, and a battalion vehicle for the shift supervisor. These vehicles are named Engine 151, Medic 151, Medic 152, and Battalion 151. We have both a reserve engine and a reserve medic for times when a frontline vehicle goes down for repair or maintenance.

Staff Vehicles & Specialized Trailers

We have two staff vehicles each for administration (chief and assistant chief) and prevention (captain and a firefighter conducting inspections). The division also has three specialized trailers for use with a pickup truck for towing. The trailers include:
  • All hazards safety trailer
  • CERT
  • Special response trailer that includes air supply and shoring equipment
Photo Gallery
View the photo gallery for pictures of the Fire Division's equipment.