Community Programs

The Division of Police offers numerous safety and educational programs to the public, from hosting National Night Out, to the annual Citizen Police Academy program, to group tours and speaker services. Learn about the various programs offered by the division below. For information on any of the programs, please contact the Division of Police non-emergency line at 614-237-6333.

  1. Citizen Police Academy
  2. Mobile Community Watch
  3. Drug Drop Box
  4. Police and Fire Chaplains
  5. more programs

Citizen Police Academy

The Whitehall Citizens’ Police Academy offers an insight into the operations of the Whitehall Division of Police. The academy educates citizens about the "hows" and "whys" of the department and the citizens’ role in community oriented policing. Suspicions and misconceptions are dispelled through this educational process, which helps increase police and community rapport. Residents or individuals, at least 18 years old, employed within the city limits of Whitehall can attend the academy. 

Knowledge Learned

Citizen Police Academy Alumni

A wide variety of topics are covered during the academy. Participants will receive insight into the day-to-day operations of the Division of Police. In addition, participants will learn more about the functions of a police officer, including the legalities of police work and become acquainted with the different divisions within the department such as the Detective Bureau, Communications, and Special Weapons and Tactic (SWAT). 

This is an excellent opportunity to meet the individuals who work to protect and serve you. You will gain a true knowledge of your local police and a chance to improve the working relationship between citizens and police. It is through this program that we can work together to sustain the Whitehall community pride. 

Apply Today

The latest class of the Whitehall Citizens Police Academy began in August. The Division of Police is currently accepting applications for future sessions. Residents or individuals at least 18 years old who live or are employed within the City of Whitehall are able to attend the academy. For more information and to apply, contact Officer Brian Smith at or at 614-237-6333 x1494.

Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association

The Whitehall Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (WCPAAA) is a group made up of graduates from the Whitehall Citizens Police Academy 10-week training class. Their goal is to continually give support and help “Make a Difference” to the Whitehall Division of Police and broader Whitehall community. Learn more here >>

Division of Police Registries

  1. Do Not Knock Registry
  2. Security Camera List
  3. Next of Kin Registry
  4. premise alert program

Do Not Knock Registry

Register here >>
Residents and businesses in Whitehall are invited to voluntarily add their address to the Do Not Knock Registry. Once you put your address on the Registry, the City will send you a sticker that you must display on or near your front door or window. If you sign up for this registry and display the sticker, peddlers or solicitors going door to door are prohibited from knocking on your door.

The Do Not Knock Registry does not apply to any person going door to door that you personally invite onto your property.

  • Once you add your address to the Do Not Knock Registry, your address stays on the list until:
  • City receives a notice of removal; or
  • City receives notice that you are no longer residing or conducting business at that address; or
  • On December 31st of the fifth full calendar year from the date that the address was submitted. (Example: If you submit your address on October 1, 2015, your address will be removed on December 31, 2020.)

If a person does knock on your door and your address is on the list, and you have the sticker displayed, please call 614-237-6333, the City’s non-emergency police line if you desire to report the violation.

For Vendors:

You are prohibited from knocking on the doors of any address that is located on the City’s Do Not Knock Registry. A current list of the Registry is available on this website.

For more information regarding solicitation permits, registration, and time restrictions, please see the table or the full statute.