Operations Bureau

The Whitehall Division of Police Operations Bureau is made up of one commander and six sergeants who oversee a total of 25 patrol officers. The Operations Bureau is responsible for the safety of residents, business, and people traveling through Whitehall 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round. They patrol the neighborhoods in patrol vehicles and on specially equipped police bicycles.

  1. Auxiliary Officers
  2. School Resource Officers
  3. Honor Guard
  4. Special Duty Officers
  5. SWAT
  6. K-9 Unit

Auxiliary Officers

Auxiliary police officers aid and assist our regular police officers. They are a group of dedicated volunteer police officers who assist at emergencies, special events, and as a backup to patrol officers. These officers do not receive compensation for their services and the position of auxiliary officer is a voluntary one.

Those interested in being an auxiliary officer must be a State of Ohio certified police officer and they must pass a standard hiring process. The hiring process includes an application, background check, criminal history check, employment verifications, credit checks, and oral interviews. View Auxiliary Officer Employment Opportunities >>