Stormwater & Sanitary Sewer Issues

Sewer Backups

If you experience sewer blockage in your home or business or have water in your basement that you can’t explain, please call the Whitehall Service Department before you call a plumber. We will send a crew out to check to see if the main line is blocked. If it is, the service crew will unblock the line. Once the main line is running normally, the water in your basement should dissipate. If it doesn't, it probably means that your service line is blocked. At that time you should call a plumber or a rooter service.

During periods of heavy rain, main lines may take on extra water to the extent that wastewater from your house draining into the sanitary sewer has nowhere to go. That water may then back up into your basement. This water will drain eventually as the main line returns to normal flow.

Backup Prevention

One way to prevent any water from backing up into your basement is to purchase a drain plug from a hardware or home improvement store. This drain plug fits inside the floor drain and tightens with a wing nut until it is snug and watertight. The plug can be removed anytime. These plugs usually cost less than $10.

Any costs associated with damage or cleanup as a result of a sewer backup are not reimbursable by the City except in rare circumstances. The City of Whitehall has initiated a number of proactive and reactive steps to insure that our main sewer lines run as efficiently as possible. Main line blockages have decreased dramatically in the past few years, but blockages may occur when people place non-biodegradable items in their toilets and drains.

Contact Information

We will do our best to clear the lines as soon as possible after we receive a report to minimize inconvenience to the resident. Phone numbers to call for sewer check:
  • During normal work hours (Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 3:30 pm)
    Service Department: (614) 237-8612
  • After normal work hours or on weekends
    Police Non-Emergency: (614) 237-6333 - Please do not call 9-1-1

Stormwater Design Manual

Click here to read the Stormwater Design Manual