Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste Collection

The City contracts with Local Waste Services to collect garbage, recycling, yard waste and small tree limbs from the community. Please note if you live in an apartment or condominium complex, your hauler and service levels may be different. Please contact your landlord or property manager for more information. 

  1. General Guidelines
  2. Recycling 
  3. Yard Waste
  4. Brush and Tree Limb 
  5. Unlimited Collection Days
  6. Current Hauling Fees

General Collection Guidelines

Collection Day: All homes in Whitehall are collected on Wednesday

Report Missed Collection: (614) 409-9375

  • Cart/Can Placement: Please bring your garbage, recycling and yard waste to the curb prior to sundown on Tuesday. Cart lids must close.
  • Cart/Can Type: For curbside garbage and recycling, residents must use the new standardized garbage and recycling carts provided by the City. Yard waste and one bulk item weekly may remain outside the new carts. 
    • Yard waste should be placed in a clearly marked container or a paper yard waste bag (available at most home improvement stores). Yard waste stickers are available at City Hall free-of-charge. 
    • Upsizing/Order Second Carts: To order a new cart or switch cart sizes, call the Service Department at (614) 237-8612. Note that residents may only switch cart sizes once per year.
  • Bulk Items:One bulk item may be set out each week with normal collection. Bulk items may also be set out as part of unlimited collection days (May 4, July 6, October 5 and December 28, 2022).  See details of the unlimited collection days below. 
    • Accepted items include furniture and small appliances. 
    • Unaccepted items include construction debris, refrigerators/freezers and household hazardous waste. Extra bags of garbage do not qualify as bulk items.
  • Scheduling Special Collections: If you only have one bulk item for the week, there is no need to call ahead for removal. If you have more than one bulk item, or extra trash, Local Waste Services offers special collections for a small fee. Snap a photo and send it to Local Waste Services ( for a personalized quote. If you don't have a camera or email, call Local Waste Services at (614) 409-9375. To have your extra items collected on Wednesday, contact Local Waste Services no later than 3 p.m. on Tuesday.
  • Changing Cart Sizes or Ordering Additional Carts: The City will allow one garbage cart size change during the first 90-days of the new program. Should you like to change garbage cart sizes or order a second garbage or recycling cart, please call the Service Department at (614) 237-8612. Changes in fees may apply.