Records / Clerical Department

The Records section is staffed by 5 records clerks, one of which is assigned to the Detective Bureau.  The records clerks are responsible for the maintenance of the Division’s records and the orderly flow of paperwork that is retained by or distributed throughout the Division as well as paperwork that is required by the court’s or prosecutor’s office.  The clerical section also manages the processing of permits, certain licenses and the acceptance of fees.  Additionally, the clerks are responsible for assembling and submitting crime data to the State and Federal governments.

The records section personnel staff the lobby window at the police building during regular business hours (Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm) helping citizens to obtain copies of reports and assisting with issues such as the return of recovered property, the release of impounded vehicles, and general information.  

Public Record Request:  Public records may be inspected or obtained at Division of Police headquarters during regular business hours.  The Records section complies with the Ohio Public Records Act when fulfilling requests for public records.  While there are many different circumstances that may prevent a request from being fulfilled, the following list identifies the most common reasons for certain records not to be released to the public:

  1. Pending Litigation / Trial Preparation Records
  2. Case is under Investigation
  3. Confidential Law Enforcement Records
  4. Uncharged Suspects
  5. Juvenile Information

The Whitehall Division of Police charges 5 cents per page for the copying of police and accident reports or other public records.  

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Applications and other documents that can be submitted to the Records / Clerical Department may be found here:

For information about soliciting, please call our Police Department at 614-237-6333.

Contact our clerical department at or 614-237-6333.