The Pride of Whitehall

The Pride of Whitehall is a nonprofit organization made up of community and City representatives. The main goal of the Pride of Whitehall is to enhance the quality of life for residents in the Whitehall area, increase pride within the community and support projects that help make the Whitehall area a better place to work, live and raise a family.

The Pride of Whitehall runs a minor home repair assistance program open to the City's seniors, disabled and low-income population. The Pride is also responsible for the Whitehall Community Kids Holiday Program that assists over 300 children in need each year.

For more information, contact the City of Whitehall's Community Affairs Manager at (614) 237-8613.

Assistance Guidelines and Application

  • The Pride of Whitehall provides financial support for Whitehall seniors and low-income homeowners needing assistance for minor home repairs and emergencies. 
  • Those at 150 percent or less of the federal poverty guidelines will be considered for assistance. An example would be a family of one who makes less than $17,655 annually or a family of two who makes less than $23,895 annually.* 
  • Examples of minor home repair and emergency projects the Pride has assisted in include heating and cooling repairs, plumbing and handicap accessibility work. 
  • Residents are only eligible to receive assistance from the Pride of Whitehall one time in a 12-month period.
  • When applying for assistance, please provide a quote from a certified contractor detailing the amount needed to complete the repair.