ALERT Franklin County

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Choose what alerts you receive and how you receive them by clicking here.

How to sign up:
  • Click the link above or click here.
  • Create your profile
  • Select how you would like to receive notifications (text, email, cell phone, home phone or a combination). Remember, text messages are the fastest way to receive emergency information.
  • Elect to receive emergency and disaster warnings from the Franklin County EMA.
  • Chose the City of Whitehall as your jurisdiction. You may choose more than one jurisdiction, such as if you live and Whitehall and work in the City of Columbus, for example. 
  • Select which community alerts you would like to receive.

Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security will warn residents of severe weather, dam failures, terrorism, major hazardous material incidents, major aircraft accidents, significant civil disturbance, major utility disruptions, damage producing earthquakes and other warnings issued by the FCEM&HS Director.

ALERT Franklin County will also be used by the City of Whitehall to notify residents about crime alerts, road closures, transportation incidents, utility outages, government closings, hydrant flushing, important health updates, community event information and more.

Choose what alerts you receive and how you receive them by clicking here.

About ALERT Franklin County
The City of Whitehall has teamed up with the Franklin County EMA and Homeland Security Department to offer a new county-wide emergency notification and warning system, ALERT Franklin County.

The system will be used to notify residents about emergencies, such as severe weather events, natural disasters, terrorism alerts, etc. Residents can also opt-in to receive important City of Whitehall community alerts, such as crime updates, road closures, hydrant flushing, parks and recreation news and information about City events.  

ALERT Franklin County is customizable and allows residents to choose what kind of community notifications they want to receive, how they would like to receive them and the location they want to receive them for. Alerts can be received via text message, phone (cell, home or business) and email. Text message is the fastest way to receive messages. 

Why Should I sign up for alert notifications?
ALERT Franklin County enables officials to provide critical information directly to you as emergencies happen. The alerts provide information on where to go, what to do and how to stay informed through text message, email, cell phone, home phone or work phone. Text message is the fastest way to receive notifications.

When will it be used?
Emergency notifications will be issued when there are imminent threats to life, health and safety for residents in Franklin County. Non-emergency notifications will be issued by local government department/agencies having information that may affect the geographic locations you have registered for. You will only receive non-emergency notifications for the topics that you opt-in to.

Who sends alerts?
Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security and all jurisdictions within Franklin County are authorized to issue alerts. Alerts may go out to everyone with an account and policy makers within Franklin County.

Who can register for ALERT Franklin County?
Anyone can register for ALERT Franklin County. Whether you live, work, travel through, or have family/friends in Franklin County the service is available to you. However, only addresses within Franklin County will ever receive an alert from the system. Individuals and businesses that have their information available in the white and yellow pages are already included in the system and will receive emergency notifications through landline only.

Modify Your ALERT Franklin County Account

Residents wishing to modify their ALERT Franklin County account can do so by clicking here.


For more information, contact the Whitehall Community Affairs Department at 614-237-8613.