Spring Clean-Up

Whitehall Spring Clean-Up weeks are always the last week of April and the first week of May, starting and ending on Sundays. 

Once a year, the City provides residents an opportunity to dispose of items they no longer want during the Spring Clean-Up. These items (excluding refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners and hazardous materials) may be placed at the curb for removal by Local Waste Services or City forces. We urge residents to take advantage of this opportunity to clean up their houses, garages and properties. Please refer to the below information for specific details concerning Spring Clean-Up and restrictions.

Yard and Garage Sales

Whitehall Codified Ordinances requires property owners and/or tenants to obtain permits to have home sales (yard sales, garage sales, etc.). Sales are limited to two occasions per calendar year.  One sign no larger than 3 square feet may be placed on the property where the sale is taking place.  Signs may not be placed on utility poles, street signs or in any location other than the address where the home sale is being conducted. Exception — during the Spring Clean-Up, no Home Sales Permit is required, however all other provisions of the City’s Home Sale regulations apply to these permit-free sales. This sale will not count toward your limit of two sales per year.

Bulk Pickup, Building Materials, Tires

Hazardous Materials & Refrigeration Units
The Whitehall Service Department and Local Waste do not collect bulk pickup, building materials, tires, hazardous materials or refrigeration units. Building materials are defined in part as roofing materials, concrete, blacktop, plumbing fixtures, wall board, lumber, carpeting materials, etc.  

Exception — during Spring Clean-Up, the City or Local Waste Services will pick up your building materials on the two Wednesdays of the Clean-Up period once all nails are removed, and the pieces are cut or broken up into sizes that will fit into a trash can, sturdy box or garbage bag. If you are disposing of carpeting, we request that you please cut and bundle your carpeting/padding into manageable 4-foot lengths for easier removal. 

Scrap Tires

During the two weeks of Spring Clean-Up, Fred’s Tire Company will collect resident’s old scrap tires on Thursday, April 25 and May 2. Set your tires (off rims) at the front of your property the days before and separate from your regular trash. Only those tires generated by the resident at the residence will be picked up. Excessive numbers of tires, as determined by the Code Enforcement Officer, may not be picked up. Other than during the Spring Clean-Up, scrap tires will not be collected.