Community Survey

2022 Community Attitudes Survey

2020 Community Attitudes Survey GraphicThe City of Whitehall values resident feedback, especially as we plan for the future of our community. As part of our engagement efforts, we work with a third party professional polling firm - Saperstein Associates -  to conduct a Community Attitudes Survey every two years. As part of the survey, the firm collects statistically significant data from a representative sample of Whitehall residents to give the City feedback on multiple services and community priorities.  

Survey Timeframe

Data collection for the 2022 Community Attitudes Survey begins Wednesday, September 7 and will continue for a period of approximately three weeks. Saperstein Associates will then analyze the data, with results presented back to City Council and the community sometime in early fall.

Survey Method

Saperstein Associates randomly selects a sample of Whitehall residents to participate in the survey. In 2022, data is being collected via phone calls as well as online. Phone numbers and email addresses were provided through lists from Whitehall City Schools, the Franklin County Board of Elections and Local Waste Services.  Should you receive a phone call or email with an invitation to the survey, we strongly encourage your participation and thank you for your time. The survey could take up to 25 minutes to complete. 

Once data is collected from a large enough sample to ensure the validity of the data, the sample is then compared to overall community demographics (in terms of race, age, gender, etc.) to ensure the sample is representative of Whitehall.  Using this random sampling helps to eliminate response bias and provides Whitehall leaders with feedback from a fair representation of our community. 

How is the Survey Data Used?

Survey data is put to use in a number of ways, from improving individual service areas to setting direction for future budgets and strategic plans.

Past Survey Results