Careers in Law Enforcement

Are you a career-minded individual who has the character and drive to be a part of the Whitehall law enforcement team? We invite you to learn about the application process, benefits and career paths available to police officers below.

If you're interested in becoming a dispatcher / communications operator or police records clerk, please learn more about those roles and application processes here

  1. Officer Application Process
  2. Benefits and Compensation
  3. Career Paths

Police Officer Application Process

The process to become a Police Officer with the Whitehall Division of Police is multi-phased. A candidate may be removed at any stage of the process for failing any step or not meeting hiring criteria. Here's an overview of what to expect:

  1. Read over the qualifications to become a Whitehall Division of Police Officer and the City's Police Hiring Standards
  2. Submit your application to take the Police Officer Entrance Exam through the City of Whitehall's Human Resources Department. Check to see if we are currently testing here.
  3. Schedule and take the Police Officer Entrance Exam.
  4. Top candidates are selected for first-round interviews. 
  5. Top candidates complete a polygraph test and background check.
  6. Conditional employment offer is made.
  7. Candidate takes physical. 
  8. Candidate completes psychological test.
  9. Either receive your official start date or receive your start date for the Ohio Police Officer Training Academy.