Home Reinvestment Programs

The City of Whitehall is committed to supporting current homeowners in their endeavors to improve their homes, neighborhoods and the Whitehall community. Following a program pause in 2020 due to the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the City is officially reinstating the Home Reinvestment Program to financially assist residents with their front-facing exterior home projects. 

Qualifying Whitehall homeowners are able to receive reimbursement of 50 percent of an exterior home remodeling project up to $7,500 total. New with this relaunch of the programs, homeowners may also apply to receive an additional $750 for the removal of chain link fencing from the front of their property.

Application and Program Timeline

  • Download Application
  • Application Period: Applications will be accepted starting Wednesday, May 3 in person at City Hall.  The deadline to turn in applications is Thursday, June 1
  • Award Notification Period: Mid-June (All projects must be pre-approved).
  • Project Completion: All projects must be completed in 2023. 
  • Payment Timeframe: Awards will be paid as a reimbursement to the homeowner upon proof of project completion (including "after" photos and receipts of paid invoices (for any hired work). 

Program Eligibility

  • Qualifying projects include: Windows and doors (entire house eligible), porch/patio construction or remodeling, siding, front-facing lighting and fencing, exterior painting, front-facing landscaping and garage/carport remodeling if visible from the right-of-way (no roofing).
  • Homes must be located in the City of Whitehall, Ohio, and homeowners must pay property taxes to the Whitehall City School District. 
  • No liens may be filed against the property in question, and homeowners must be current on City of Whitehall income taxes.
  • Grants will only be issued to owner occupied single-family homes. Condos, multi-family, apartments and land contracts will not be eligible.
  • Maximum household income must not exceed $125,000.
  • Homes must be owner-occupied by the applicant for at least six months prior to applying for the Whitehall Home Reinvestment Program.
  • Homeowners must agree to live in the home for at least three years post project or will be subject to a tiered repayment plan (see Amendment A below).
  • The homeowner has not received previous Whitehall Home Reinvestment Program funding. 

Preparing Your Application and Next Steps

  1. Determine your desired exterior home improvements and obtain appropriate estimates/quotes for your project. You are welcome to complete the project yourself, or to hire a contractor.
  2. Capture full color “before” photos of the area(s) of the home where the project(s) will be completed.
  3. Complete and submit your application. All applications must be filed in person at City Hall.
  4. Wait to receive your acceptance letter from the City of Whitehall.
  5. File for and received approval of all necessary permits for the project through the Whitehall Service Department. Copies of the approved permits must be submitted with your final receipts and color “after” photos.
  6. Begin your project!