Information Technology

Mission Statement

The information technology (IT) Department is committed to serving the business operations of City by providing enterprise-wide integrated system solutions and high-quality customer service to ensure the efficient utilization of technology resources and investments.

Our Services

The IT department provides centralized technical service to more than 200 City employees in all city departments and divisions and acts as a consultant for all of the City’s technological needs.


To meet the needs of the City of Whitehall, infrastructure will be scalable, adaptive, and flexible. The infrastructure will allow for growth and expansion, adaptation to new technologies and applications, and accommodation of specialized equipment for business needs. The goal is to provide immediate and efficient access to applications, computing tools and information so that staff has access to information technology that will enable us to continuously improve how we provide and deliver services to citizens and to each other. To fulfill our mission, Information Technology (IT) has established the following goals:

  • Develop and maintain a program for replacement of personal computers, networking and servers
  • Establish citywide standards for software, hardware, communications equipment, and networks that are flexible in nature and can accommodate changes in technology
  • Provide timely, secure, cost effective, and immediate access to information for all city staff, regardless of location
  • Annually review and update goals within the context of developing information technology
  • Annually review all computer-purchase budget requests and prioritize them against other resource requests