Whitehall's Help for Overdoses 

The epidemic is real. Ohioans continue to die from drug overdoses at a record-setting pace. Death from drug overdoses is now the leading cause of death in people ages 22-50. Ohio continues to be one of the nation’s leaders in the death-toll rate. Locally, Franklin County has realized a 343% increase in deaths between 2003-2016. Whitehall, per capita, has been one of the hardest hit cities in the county with overdose rates five times higher than the Franklin County average.

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Whitehall's Help For Overdoses (WHO)

Who We Are

Whitehall’s Help for Overdoses (WHO) is a team comprised of pre-hospital medical providers, recovery and treatment specialists and members of the local judicial and law enforcement systems. We are dedicated to serving individuals and/or families struggling with addiction in the City of Whitehall.

Our Mission

The WHO seeks to reduce opioid misuse, addiction and fatalities within the City of Whitehall. Our team of professionals can help with the treatment, recovery and prevention of opioid usage.

What We Can Do

Our team is committed to implementing harm-reduction, education and treatment programs that are designed to help those afflicted with addiction.

We have a wide variety of resources. Our medical care providers can answer your questions or concerns related to the medical care that is necessary to overcome addiction or counteract an overdose. Our law enforcement is available to help with legal concerns that surround illicit drug activity. Our recovery and treatment providers can provide information on the care that would be best suited for your individual case and subsequently link you to the care you need. And finally, our diversionary court process can serve as an alternative to incarceration due to legal ramifications stemming from drug usage.