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2020 Annual Report: Decade of Opportunity

NEWESTHeadshot-Kim MaggardA Message from Mayor Kim Maggard

The word “opportunity” can mean a number of different things to different people. In Whitehall, I believe that opportunity means that we have the right set of circumstances, the right leaders and the right partners to bring positive change to our community.

Part of the City’s challenge over the last decade has been to combine these tremendous assets with our limited financial resources, and to make the most of each project and program we touch. 

In that we have succeeded. If you compare the Whitehall of today with the Whitehall of 10 years ago, the positive change in our community is highly visible—whether to our parks, roadways, housing options or businesses; and this positive change has been recognized—whether in our community surveys, drastic increases in home sales prices or in the recent notice others have taken in Whitehall.

Recognizing this change, and the tireless effort that has culminated to build our comeback story thus far, this Annual Report highlights those things the City accomplished in 2020, while also shining a light on our “Decade of Opportunity.”

I also believe that in Whitehall, “opportunity” is something that is here for everyone, no matter your income level, race, gender, age, religion or creed, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability, veteran status, immigration status or other social identity.  

So while I am excited to highlight our progress and redevelopment over the last decade, I am most proud of the way in which we’ve remained steadfast in our commitment to growing opportunities for everyone in our community. 

Whether through new affordable housing options, increasing recreational programing, improving safety or increasing homeownership and home reinvestment—over the last decade the City has taken every opportunity to make Whitehall better for all our community members. Our civic partners have played their role here too—with a new Whitehall Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library, five new Whitehall City Schools facilities, the new Whitehall Community Park YMCA and Victory Ministries Center of Hope all opening their doors in the last decade, bringing new resources and opportunities to Whitehall. 

These partnerships were ever-the-more-important in 2020, as we faced the COVID-19 pandemic as a community and as we came face-to-face with systemic racism and inequality as a nation. In both regards, we have more work to do as the impact of COVID-19 continues, and as we institute new checks on implicit bias and reconsider policies and procedures to ensure equity and justice in our local government.

As we continue to grow, we value your engagement with the City. I hope you continue to partner with us as we take advantage of each opportunity for Whitehall in the years to come. 

In service,

Kim Maggard

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