Annual Report

2022 Annual Report: Discover the Opportunities 

NEWESTHeadshot-Kim MaggardA Message from Mayor Kim Maggard

When others ask me how Whitehall is doing so much, and so fast, I remind them that our community has more by chance than most other communities have on purpose. We have a location that’s prime to capture the growth coming to Central Ohio. We have nearby access to an international airport, major interstate systems, world-class educational institutions and beautiful natural amenities.  

But I also remind others that you can’t chalk Whitehall’s transformation up to good luck. It’s what you do with your opportunities that matters. With all our inherited assets, the Whitehall community has faced immense challenges, and it’s only because of new leaders that reject the idea of resting on our laurels that we’re starting to realize our full potential. 

Over the last decade, the City has worked tirelessly with countless partners to capitalize on our opportunities. We’ve welcomed new businesses to the community, built new market rate and inclusive housing, reinvested aggressively into infrastructure and reinvigorated recreation and outreach. Accomplishing all this required support and trust from leadership and the community, and I thank you for your confidence in the City’s vision and capabilities. 

While I now have over a decade of experience serving as Whitehall’s Mayor, every year proves to be a new adventure. Thankfully, each year is more exciting than the last, and I can’t help but feel like we’re just getting started. Thank you for taking time to review this report, and thank you for being a community partner as we discover Whitehall’s next opportunity together. 

In service, Mayor Kim Maggard 

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