NEWESTHeadshot-Kim MaggardFiscal Year 2023 Proposed Budget

Message from the Mayor

It is my pleasure to present the Fiscal Year 2023 Proposed Budget for the City of Whitehall for the period beginning January 1, 2023, and ending December 31, 2023. 

As a term limited public official, this proposed spending plan reflects my aspirations for the City organization and Whitehall community in my last year serving as your Mayor. The document also reflects a harsh fiscal reality in which multiple factors outside the City’s control are adversely affecting revenue and increasing costs. Because of this, the proposed spending plan is markedly more conservative than in prior years and creatively addresses a number of challenges.

As with any annual budgeting process, the City’s actual income and expenses will be reviewed against this budget throughout the year, as we monitor the impact of escalating interest rates, rising construction and material costs, changes in workplace habits and the like. To address these concerns, we will adjust our spending plan and strategy as needed to bring the best possible services to the community at the best possible value.  

This spending plan also reflects our commitment to preparing the community for the future through major investments in infrastructure and safety. These investments require high dollar upfront financial resources. To maintain vital City operations while making these investments, the City plans to issue a bond for the Division of Police Station Expansion and Renovation Project and seek an Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA) loan for Water Main Improvement Projects in 2023. Both projects are detailed further throughout the document.  

I look forward to implementing this spending plan, and serving the Whitehall community as I complete my twelfth and final year of service as your Mayor. 

Budget in Brief 

Check out the draft Budget in Brief, representing the proposed spending plan in an easy-to-read, infographic-based format....Note that this document is subject to change pending revisions to the proposed budget.