Fairway Cliffs

Project Overview

As part of a public-private partnership, the City is considering public incentives for a 47 single-family home redevelopment along Fairway Boulevard, including a new 7.7-acre community park. Learn more about the project below, and download the slide deck presented to City Council at their October 24 Committee meeting here.

Questions or comments? We invite you to email City Staff and to join City Council for a Public Hearing during their November 21, 2023 meeting. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at Whitehall City Hall (360 S. Yearling Road).

Proposed LocationDeveloperHousing Type

750 and 800 Fairway Boulevard, 
 and adjacent southwest lot

Fairway Cliffs, LLC

1,800 sq. ft. minimum – Ranch
2,200 sq. ft. minimum – Two-story

Project Benefits

  • 2023 Strategic Plan Goal: Bring City’s parks facilities and recreation programming in line with National Recreation and Parks Association Agency Performance Standards by 2033

    • In line with this goal and with the action item to “Increase park acres to meet the national average of 10.8 acres per 1,000 residents,” as part of the project, the City would acquire a 7.7-acre park along Big Walnut Creek, providing new community access to this tremendous natural resource. 
    • The park will include a dedicated parking lot, paved and crushed limestone walking paths and a new canoe launch into Big Walnut Creek. 
    • The park improvements (totaling over $759,000) will be paid through an Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) Clean Ohio Fund Grant (awarded in 2022), with the 25% local match being paid by the developer. 
    • With a third of the site acquired for public use, it is estimated that three-fourths of the significant trees on site will be maintained.
    • The Parks and Recreation Department will introduce low-impact programming to generate appropriate traffic and interest including group walks, bird watching and creek programs. Further, the department will work with the developer and a professional landscape architect to incorporate elements of safe design including cameras on the parking lot and clear and adequate signage.
  • 2023 Strategic Plan Goal: Increase the City’s S&P bond rating from A to at least a AA by 2026

    • An increased Property Value and Equalized Assessed Value (EAV) would be favorable to the City in a bond rating process. In Tax Year 2022, the combined parcels produced about $22,800 in property taxes. Once improved by this redevelopment, it is estimated the combined property taxes would increase to over $469,000. The improvements would result in more local tax revenue and a higher EAV, which would help the City improve our credit rating.
  •  2023 Strategic Plan Action Item: Capture a larger percentage of income tax from remote workers by increasing neighborhood amenities making residential options more attractive. 

    • The proposed project not only adds to Whitehall’s housing stock of single-family homes, but would create an amenity-rich neighborhood supported by an HOA, adjacent to a community park and near the planned multi-use trail along Fairway Boulevard.

Proposed Incentives

Property Tax Abatement

 Terms: 15-Year, 100% Real Property Tax Abatement
The equivalent of the property taxes offset by the abatement will be collected by the New Community Authority, by way of a special assessment, as described below. 

New Community Authority (NCA)

A New Community Authority is an independent governing body with a board of trustees. NCAs are established to fund
 public infrastructure improvements.

 Terms: 15-Year Special Assessment Equivalent to Real Property Tax 
For the first 15 years (during the property tax abatement), the NCA will capture an amount equivalent to the abated property tax through a special assessment. The funds collected will pay for public infrastructure, fund a home owners association (HOA) and provide for payments (in place of property taxes) to Whitehall City Schools the City of Whitehall. After the abatement ends, the NCA will add a small millage to the homeowners property taxes to fund the HOA moving forward.

Total Collected By NCA Annually


Payment to Developer*


Payment to City


Payment to Whitehall City School District**


Payment to HOA 


 *To reimburse for public infrastructure. 

**Throughout Whitehall, WCS averages 0.46 students per household. With 47 homes,
  this annual payment will cover the local per pupil cost ($3,200) for 21 students. 

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

 Terms: 30-Year, Non-School TIF
 Once the abatement ends at Year 16, the property taxes would be accumulated in a TIF fund. This fund would be used to maintain the public infrastructure in both the housing development and new community park

Property Tax Summary


Current Value and Property Taxes - Tax Year 2022

800 Fairway

750 Fairway

Southwest Parcel

Total Current

Appraised Value





Taxable Value





Total Property Taxes





School (62.3%)





City (7.14%)