Tobacco Retail License

2023 Tobacco Retail License Applications Due October 30

The City of Whitehall has engaged Franklin County Public Health (FCPH) to enforce compliance of the Tobacco 21 (or T21) law which raised the federal minimum age for the sale of all tobacco products from 18 to 21. 

With the passing of Whitehall City Ordinance No. 003-2023, a tobacco retailer operating within Whitehall will be required to obtain a Tobacco Retail License through FCPH. Note that this license is in addition to the Cigarette Retail Dealer License issued by the Ohio Department of Taxation. 

All currently eligible Whitehall retailers (those with preexisting retail businesses as of the date Ord. 003-2023 was adopted) have been notified by mail by FCPH to complete their annual application. A completed application and license fee payment of $500, in the form of check, cash, or money-order, must be postmarked or submitted in-person to Franklin County Public Health no later than October 30, 2023. Failure to complete this application and remit the proper fee will result in not issuing/renewing a license. 

Upon approval of the license, FCPH will provide Whitehall retailers signage to display to remind customers that the sale of these products to youths is prohibited. The signs include a QR code and phone number (614-525-6644 ext. 2561) that people can use to report violations.

If you have questions or require a replacement application, please contact Franklin County Public Health at [email protected] and include “Attention TRL” in the subject line.

Return payment and signed application by*:  10/30/2023

Return to: Franklin County Public Health
280 E. Broad Street, Room 200
Columbus, Ohio 43215-4562

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