Divison of Fire


390 S. Yearling Road
Whitehall, OH 43213

(614) 237-0831

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Moore, Preston Fire Chief    
Watts, Kevin (K.J.) Assistant Chief of Fire    
Wagner, Makala Administrative Assistant    
King, John Fire Prevention Captain    
McBride, David Captain    
Shepherd, Del Captain    
Mercer, Dan Lieutenant    
Short, Lance Lieutenant    
Burnes , Michael Firefighter/Paramedic    
Jones, Randy Community Paramedic    
Casto , Ron Firefighter/Paramedic    
Cottrell , Brendan Firefighter/Paramedic    
Cunningham, Ray Firefighter/Paramedic    
Fellers, Ian Firefighter/Paramedic    
Glenn, Drew Firefighter/Paramedic    
Grossman, Jeff Firefighter/Paramedic    
Hamons, Connor Firefighter/Paramedic    
Horn, Dan Firefighter/Paramedic    
Homman, Rob Firefighter/Paramedic    
Hughes, David Firefighter/Paramedic    
Irwin, Brian Firefighter/Paramedic    
Laney, Brandon Firefighter/Paramedic    
Leonard, Ben Firefighter/Paramedic    
Mason, Mike Firefighter/Paramedic    
McQuesten, Greg Firefighter/Paramedic    
Morales, Andrew Firefighter/Paramedic      
Neighbarger, Doug Firefighter/Paramedic    
Reed, Jerry Firefighter/Paramedic    
Reed, Stephanie Firefighter/Paramedic    
Scott, Brandon Firefighter/Paramedic      
Simpson, Mark Firefighter/Paramedic    
Soder, Mark Firefighter/Paramedic