How do I determine where my local tax is owed?
Local tax is due first to the city in which the income was actually earned and secondly to your city of residence, based on their laws.

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1. Does the City of Whitehall have mandatory tax filing?
2. How do I determine where my local tax is owed?
3. What is the City of Whitehall's current tax rate and what type of income is taxable?
4. Can I prepare my City of Whitehall Income Taxes online?
5. Can I pay my taxes online?
6. Can I still pay my taxes with a credit card if I don't have access to the online website service?
7. Is there free Income Tax Assistance available for federal and state returns? How about City of Whitehall returns?
8. Am I able to receive a refund of the tax my employer took out for my work city while I worked at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic?
9. How long will it be before the courts make a final decision?
10. How will I know when a final court decision has been made?