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Community Affairs

  1. 2020 Community Kids Holiday Program

    Welcome to the 2020 Community Kids Holiday Program interview form. Please note that only those invited to the program by a Whitehall... More…

  2. Diversity and Inclusion in Whitehall: Feedback and Comments

    The City of Whitehall would like your feedback and thoughts on how we might better promote diversity and inclusion and fight racism in... More…

  1. 2020 Community Kids Holiday Program - Partner Form
  2. Parade Permit Application

Department of Public Service

  1. May 2020 Flooding Event: Self-Reporting

    On May 18-19, multiple Whitehall households experienced basement flooding. Please use this form to self-report your flooding. Your data... More…


  1. Comments, Complaints & Compliments
  2. Security Camera List

    The process to register cameras is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. You will be asked for some basic contact... More…

  1. Request for Honor Guard Event Attendance